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FCC(1) C++ Development Tools FCC(1)
fcc is a tool to rapidly generate the basic framework of C++ class and
components. fcc can generate inline files, testing components, and
basic copyright notices.
fcc -class list of class names -author author's name [-namespace names-
pace_name] [-overwrite] [-verbose] [-no_unit_test] [-no_makefile]
[-project project_name] [-sccs_keywords] [-continuus_keywords]
[-open_source_notice] [-copyright [copyright]] [-base_filename
base_filename] [-no_copy_ctor] [-no_assignment_operator] [-no_ctor]
[-no_dtor] [-public_copy_ctor] [-public_assignment_operator]
[-no_dump_diagnostics] [-no_check_valid] [-no_icc] [-settings_file
fcc takes the name of one or more classes and generates the appropriate
code and header files for those classes. By default, it includes a con-
structor, destructor, private copy constructor, private assignment
operator, unit testing, and appropriate inlines. It also generates a
raw BSD-style makefile.
-class list of class names
Names of classes to be generated. The files will be named after
the first class name on the list. Class names must be separated
by whitespace.
-author author's name
Your name here.
-namespace namespace name
Wrap the output in a specified namespace.
Explain in excruciating detail what the program is doing.
Do not generate unit-testing definitions in the source files.
This is an empty method; it's up to the user to define appropri-
ate tests.
Do not generate a makefile for this code.
-project project_name
Define a project for this makefile. Right now this option does
Generate IDs appropriate to SCCS.
Generate keywords for the Continuus Version System.
Add some comments about how this code is open source and per-
mission to copy in granted yadda yadda...
-copyright [copyright]
Adds your copyright notice to the code.
-base_filename base_filename
Set the name of the files output. Defaults to first class name
listed if not set.
Do not provide a copy constructor in the output code.
Do not provide an assignment operator in the output code.
Do not provide a default constructor in the output code.
Do not provide a destructor in the output code.
Put the copy constructor in the public section instead of the
private section.
Put the assignment operator in the public section instead of
the private section.
Do not provide a debugging method.
Do not provide a Programming By Contract style method to check
for invariants.
Do not provide a file for class inlines.
-settings_file filename
Get options from a settings file. Right now this option does
Python fcc requires Python version >= 2.0
Version: 0.8a of May 5, 2001
(C)2001, Elf M. Sternberg
This program can be redistributed and/or modified under the
terms of the GNU Public License. See the file COPYING or visit for terms of use and dis-
Misc If you find this software useful, please drop me some email
Misc This man page was generated using latex2man by Dr. Jurgen
Vollmer, and is available from the CTAN archives.
Elf M. Sternberg
C++ Development Tools 04 August 2011 FCC(1)