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@ -36,7 +36,7 @@ pairp(lst): (Boolean) is this a cell object?
listp(lst): (Boolean) is this a list object?
list:(a, b, ...): Construct a list out of the arguments
list(a, b, ...): Construct a list out of the arguments
vectorToList(v): Return a cons list from a vector. Recursive: if a
vector is encountered inside v, it will be converted to a cons list.
@ -49,7 +49,8 @@ setcar(obj, l): Replace the contents of car(l) with obj
setcdr(obj, l): Replace the contents of cdr(l) with obj
cadr, cddr, cdar, caar, caddr, cdddr, cadar, cddar, caadr, cdadr: Common
cadr(lst), cddr(lst), cdar(lst), caar(lst), caddr(lst), cdddr(lst),
cadar(lst), cddar(lst), caadr(lst), cdadr(lst): Common
lisp functions that extend standard list addressing.
metacadr(string): For more complex addressing, metacadr() can be