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@ -67,7 +67,7 @@ change!
> has no actual display visible to the human eye, to have a `crtc`.
> It's orientation doesn't matter. If it ever _is_ displayed to a human
> being it will be in a virtualizing environment such as
> [Xephyr](/uri, in which case it will
> [Xephyr](, in which case it will
> be getting its `crtc` information from the host **X** display.</aside>
> ASIDE: I'm still not sure how all this interacts with a window manager
@ -75,8 +75,7 @@ change!
> entirely wrong about this whole thing! On the other hand, it could be
> as simple as every workspace having it's own pseudo-root-window, and
> being dependent upon the `crtc` object for screen dimensions and pixel
> mapping. [I have to read this
> carefully](/uri</aside>
> mapping. [I have to read this carefully](/</aside>
TODO: I haven't yet figured out the bit about remapping the tablet's
touchscreen inputs, so that when you place your finger or stylus on