A Take-Home Quiz. No cheating, kids!
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.PHONY: all
all: help
.PHONY: help
@M=$$(perl -ne 'm/((\w|-)*):.*##/ && print length($$1)."\n"' Makefile | \
sort -nr | head -1) && \
perl -ne "m/^((\w|-)*):.*##\s*(.*)/ && print(sprintf(\"%s: %s\t%s\n\", \$$1, \" \"x($$M-length(\$$1)), \$$3))" Makefile
./node_modules/.yarn-integrity: package.json
yarn install
./build/asset-manifest.json: ./node_modules/.yarn-integrity src/App.tsx src/cards/Cards.tsx src/cards/Card.tsx
yarn build
.PHONY: install
install: ./node_modules/.yarn-integrity ## Install any yarn packages necessary
.PHONY: build
build: ./build/asset-manifest.json ## Build the package if it is out of date
.PHONY: serve
serve: build/asset-manifest.json ## Do everything necessary to run an optimized build
yarn run http-server build/
.PHONY: dev
dev: ./node_modules/.yarn-integrity ## Run the server in "dev" mode, with hot reload
yarn start
.PHONY: dockerize
dockerize: ## Generate a docker image with an optimized build and a simple fileserver
docker build --tag elderscrolling:1.0 .