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Elf M. Sternberg 3e91b9498a No longer automatically download external font, holidays and centaurs
This commit now makes the download of the Google-provided font opt-in,
rather than automatic.  This is preferable, as most people wouldn't
care to have Google automatically know they're running this thing. For
modern browsers that understand CSS `::part()` syntax, this commit also
provides a way for them to specify exactly what font they want, and an
example of that is provided in the `./demo` folder.

There are a number of minor details in the Journal Entries that reflect
the growth and change of the culture.  One was that several of the species
introduced, including Centaurs, Tindals, Felinzi and Uncia, had their
own language, and Centaurs had their own calendar.  Most fell off as
use of the common Quen made everything easier, and Uncia found Felinzi
easy to learn and use and gave the felinoid species a common tongue that
worked well with their mouth and throat shapes.  But I've added the
Centaur calendar.  Use the flag attribute "centaurs" (no arguments,
it's a flag) in the component's HTML tag to see it.  Again, the use
can be seen in the demo folder.

I've also fixed a bug where the holidays, which belong to no month and
have no weekday, are also rendered correctly.
2023-10-08 10:44:48 -07:00
Elf M. Sternberg ff11f79c51 Modernized! 2023-10-07 14:05:54 -07:00
Elf M. Sternberg fd75bb82e7 Added running instructions.
Updated the name: apparently I couldn't decide if it was 'pendordate'
or 'pendorclock'.  The repo ended with "clock," so "clock" it is.
2021-11-15 19:41:26 -08:00
Elf M. Sternberg d3594c5485 Make the clock its own little project. 2021-11-15 19:27:41 -08:00