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Sitedarts are content-within-a-page links laid out along the right side of the viewport, spaced proportionately to their target anchor positions within the document. They are meant to give users a visual indicator of where they are within long, scrolling documents, and to encourage exploration below the fold. The content of a dart is informed by ... entries.

Sitedarts was inspired by book darts (, hammered copper pointers that I regularly use in my notebooks to keep track of stuff. I wanted a page-side view of my anchors and headers since I develop code for e-book readers.


Sitedarts uses JQuery and JQueryUI for easing. The examples run off the JQuery CDN and use JQuery 2.2 and jQueryUI 1.11 as of this check-in, but the code is relatively unchanged since the days of jQuery 1.3.

Sitedarts is copyright (c) 2011, 2016 Elf M. Sternberg. Included libraries are covered by their respective copyright holders, and are used with permission of the licenses included. See the MIT-LICENSE file for the license on sitedarts.js itself.

To Do

Provide an alternative text on hover. Provide a mechanism for describing the alternative text. Provide a way that the anchor can inform the visual content of the dart.

Provide themes for dart types (metal, glass, plain, colorful, drab).

Fix the arbitrariness of the layout: ensure that the bottom of the bottom dart, and the top of the top dart, are within the viewport.

Allow the darts to be on the left, or even across the top and bottom of the viewport.

Guarantee easing to the target even when the target mark is well within the viewport at the bottom of the document.

Set a highlight class on the dart corresponding to the anchor the user is "within." This is a nebulous concept. If two or more anchors are visible on the screen, keep the lower one highlighted if it was the last one chosen. (cf. Eugene Jarvis' "The way a program looks smart is it doesn't do anything stupid.")

Allow sitedarts to work within an arbitrary container pair, rather than (window) and (document).

Allow configuration to narrow the viewport.

Stretch goal

Provide an alternative text search input box and decorate the sitedart layout with links to searched-for terms. On hover, provide some context.