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@ -399,14 +399,14 @@ code. But it works!
And the entire program ends up looking like
And the entire program ends up looking like this:
<<create the namespace>>
<<parse command arguments>>
<<build the argument map>>
<<build the arguments map>>
<<build the queryargs object>>
@ -431,7 +431,7 @@ And that's it.
You can now run the program with lein:
<<command line>>=
lein run --output_mode csv "search magnitude > 4.5"
@ -448,5 +448,11 @@ and that should have done the things I would have expected of a LISP.
That fantasy LISP was pretty close to the real deal; it only took me a
few hours of \texttt{lein run} sessions to knock out all the bugs.

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